Ice Day!

So have you seen the news?  Atlanta, actually most of the south, is covered in a blanket of not snow but this:
We Southerners are not equipped for 1" of snow, much less several thick inches of ICE!  Looks like an amazing blanket of snow, but upon closer look and the crunching under your boots, you realize the next few days are going to be very long..........

Although I'll admit the day didn't turn out so bad.  The kids and I kept ourselves quite busy.  We made snowman art like above (the ice was too compact to build a 3-D version), did plenty of sledding on the vintage clipper, drank cocoa, made jewelry, napped, ate...and ate....and ate!  As you can see below, I really liked the sledding!  William and his buddy were complaining that the Rubbermaid top wasn't working too good as a sled.  I said, "You guys want a REAL sled?"  William was like, Mom we don't have a sled.  Oh yes we do!!  It was your Grandmother's too!

Lily cracked us up running and sliding into home....literally.  Thank goodness we bought the pink wool sweater recently.  Else wise she'd be lost in the ice.

Isn't this sled awesome!  And to think it's like 60 years old and still running.  William and Noah rode for about 2 hours trying out every driveway in the cul-de-sac.  I can't wait to get out there again today and try from the top of our street.  Because we still have ice on the roads.  And no school for probably tomorrow either.  The ice is pretty thick.  The thought of a school bus on this stuff freaks me out a twinge.
Mailey ran off to the neighbors house and went sledding down the "BIG" hill.  She said it was the funnest thing she's ever done! 
So today the agenda is to roast marshmallows in the kettle outside, eat cookie dough we are about to make, and of course more sledding!  So what are you doing on this ice day fellow Southerners? 


sydney @ memorable minutes said...

I want to come hang out with you! and I definitely want to see the jewelry you made!

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

I'd love to have an "ice" day or "snow" day soon ... I live in Toronto, Canada and everyone else seems to be getting the snow but us! We have to drive hours north to go snowmobiling! Even New York (just south of us) got snow for Christmas! Wish we were there!
P.S. love to see the jewelry too!!

Beth HF said...

Oh I LOVE these pictures!!!!
Enjoy the snow. It keeps missing us and I so would love for one of the snow days to fall on on of my teaching days-I'm 0-2 so far.

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