Practice Being Grateful

Monday morning I was folding the laundry, trying to mentally prepare myself for the art chores that needed to be accomplished for the day.  Not everyday is a painting day in the studio...nope.  Some days are spent making inventory sheets, photographing paintings, uploading photos, editing photos, wiring paintings(my least favorite chore), and hammering sawtooth hangers on.  Yes, some days are less exciting than others.  But as I was folding William's clothes and organizing my day I couldn't help but SMILE.  Because even the most tedious of days in the studio are days I am so very grateful that I CAN be an artist.  That God has first and foremost given me a gift that I enjoy sharing with you.  And second, that we can afford for me spend my days at home making a living instead of elsewhere simply dreaming of being an artist.   So yes, I practice being grateful daily.

On another note, my children are often very quick to offer up opinions about what I am working on in the studio.  William came in the other day and I very excitedly said, "Look William what I've been working on!"  He kind of tilted his head back and forth at this painting and said very innocently, "Mom, those just don't look like your birds."  "Oh, well I was inspired by some little finches I saw recently and wanted to paint them."  "Ok, but Mom I like the other birds better."  "Ok, thanks William".

I suppose I share this because recently I posted about finding a common thread in your work.  How important that it is to find you own voice in your work.  And although I paint in many mediums, I try to keep the thread running through.  But this round of paintings, well I am beginning to see a new thread appear.  Not that this is bad because it's coming completely from my little head.  But it's a little different.  I didn't see it until he pointed it out.  Not that I am painting in a new style or anything.  But they have a fresh feel.  It's almost like they are stronger paintings now.  Does that make sense?    They are bolder and have a new confidence about them.  Huh....isn't it cool the way life and art can mirror one another? Just saying.


Sadie Inspired said...

I think it is beautiful
when people get to "live in their dream" and be thankful for it. We should all strive for that! I am glad you share it here on your blog too. :)

Nic Hohn said...

got to love our kids honesty! they just say it how they see it...

gratitude is something I'm working on at the moment too. lovely to see your thoughts in motion here.

Bev said...

love your art, glad to have found you!

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