Party Time!!

Did you guys know that I can customize an artsy Birthday Party?  No?  Well I can!  Man, back in the old days when the Bubble Gum Ice Cream Art Studio was up an running there would be 3 parties in one Saturday!  In fact, parties were one of my favorite things to do with kids in the studio.  So when one of my current art student's Mom called and asked if I did art parties I did not hesitate to say, "YES!"  Since Rachel was turning 11 and it was a boy/girl party we decided on Volkswagen Bugs as our painting theme. 

The paintings all turned out SO good.  We had lots of inspiration on the table printed off the internet.  And pink seemed to be the favorite color in the bin.   Personally I love the robin's egg blue color they make.  But if I had my preference, it'd be a vintage bug.  Convertible that is.  Can't you see me in that?  Top down, canvas and easel propped in the back, headed out to Serenbe to paint the daisy field?  Well, maybe you can't image that, but I sure can!!
So email me....I can even do ADULT birthdays, Ladies Night Out, etc.  It'd be fun!  And if you're a bit too far away perhaps a road trip would be in order.  I love a road trip (especially in a vintage bug). 

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Brenda Leentjes said...

I love your art parties.Trying to find ways to have more income coming into my home. Would like to do them myself. Any helpful hints? Do you draw out the image on canvas for the kids?

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