Art and Soul Portland, Oregon 2011

So did you guys see I snuck this little icon onto my sidebar?  Yeah, you did?    I've been keeping this a HUGE secret because until the site went live it really didn't seem real.  It has been so HARD keeping this from you guys!!  But now it's time.  Teaching outside of my little area has been a dream since, well since I can remember!  This past fall I finally worked up the courage and mailed away my little dream of instructing on the national level.  Let's just say, they loved my project ideas.  And now I am teaching at Art and Soul:  Portland, Oregon 2011!!  yippppppeeee!  If you've never attended an adult art workshop series, I HIGHLY recommend your saving your dollars and join me in Portland!   I would love, love, love to meet so many of you.  Yep. 

So what am I teaching you ask??  On Saturday I'll be guiding you through a painting project.  These paintings were featured in a lovely Somerset Life article, so you might recognize the idea.  I'll be providing an amazing wood frame and wood to paint on, tons of embellishments and my enthusiasm as we navigate making our own story through paint.  All day....me and my over the top enthusiasm....all day.  Yep.  Can you tell I am EXCITED?
On Friday we'll be exploring pattern making to make our own special fabric bird creations.  My favorite are the hoopy cages, but feel free to bring other fun items for them to perch.  Hopefully in the end you will leave with two finished little birdies to share with your friends!!
This project in particular I am excited to be sharing.  I've only taught painting to adults so this sculptural class will be so fun to introduce.  And again, my enthusiasm will most likely be boiling over.  I don't get nervous, but I do get beyond giddy on occasions. 
As you can only imagine I am already scheming and planning for the retreat.  What to wear, what to mail and when, who to see while there, what to go do in Portland, what to eat, what to sell.  Oh yeah, on Saturday night there is a fabulous "Vendor Night".  In Vegas there were amazing artists and super fun embellishment sellers.  I participated then to help pay for my trip.  The best part of a Vendor Night at an Artist Retreat, well it's like one giant love bomb towards your work!   So even if you don't take a class hopefully you'll come to Vendor Night so we can meet.

Well, I am sure to be talking about this some more.  Just a little, well maybe a ton.  PLEASE email me if you are attending.  We can do lunch or dinner all together.  The one thing about going on these retreats in the past for me and my buddy Valerie was always feeling a tad bit on the outside.  If you are going, you already know someone else going!  And that makes it much less intimidating and much more fun!  Don't you think?  Registration begins Feb. 1st.....so head on over and get your classes chosen.  Some do fill up (especially the Sally Jean ones)!  Hopefully mine will too!!  Yea!


carlanda said...

yeah for you!! i am lucky i got to meet you at art and soul in las vegas. are you coming here again next month? hope so! your art is amazing! xo

Ludid said...

congratulations! i wish i could attend, but someday i am sure. best wishes.

Kerry said...

Congratulations Jenni, wish I could come. I will hold out for you to do some online classes in the near future so I can do them at home here in Australia

Alicia said...

This is awesome news! I'm sure your classes will be a great success. I can't make it this time but I hope to in the future. Enjoy!

Erin Butson said...

Oh, if only, Jenni! One day i will be in one of your classes. Both of these classes look fabulous. I so love to see what you are working on. Can't wait to hear about Art & Soul! Take lots of pics. & reaport back!

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

Wow, Jenni. You know I would go just to take your classes. :) and i have always wanted to go to Portland. ohhh one day.

Lori McDonough said...

Good for you! That's really fantastic. Best of luck to you...keep spreading your wings!

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