On Your Mark...Get Set....

GO!!!  There's something about running a race and hearing those two letters resonate across the crowd.  And today, those two letters are ringing true for my little creative life.  To compare the two I shall share this:  I've trained for the race (sketched, thought of ideas, mapped out paintings for the next two weeks to complete, etc), bought the perfect race day outfit (supplies are fresh, cleaned and ready to go including a new easel), Ipod is charged (a race day must), heck I've even been sure to go potty before sitting down in the studio.  I am ready for the word and the little pop gun to sound "GO!!" 

So what's the race you ask?  Nice of you to ask blog readers!  Next Friday I have to deliver paintings to the Trinity Spotlight on Art show.  A wonderful show I've participated in now three years.  I need about 15 paintings plus little things for this show.  And I have 0 paintings as of today.  Umm....yes you heard that right.  0.  It was a fabulous Fall Show Season.
Then exactly one week later I have to deliver to Birmingham, Alabama the pieces for my Solo Show.  Yep.  Flying Solo on this one, literally.  Which means like 50 paintings of different sizes.  But we painters know those darn tiny ones take as much time as the big ones, right?
So as pictured above the studio, including Lily are ready for me, the easel is ready and my dear orange Ipod is ready.  Am I ready yo ask??.....YES!!!!!!  Yippppeeee! 

And of course, I'll be sharing more details as the week unfolds.  I need you guys here to hand me water every once in-awhile.  Oh, and a shout out or two always helps the runner cross the finish line faster!


Alicia said...

You go girl!! I have every confidence that you will cross that finish line with grace. That's a lot of paintings but I know you can do it! I can't wait to see the results.

Beth said...

Wow! That is some race! I believe that I would be in panic mode! But you sound like you've got everything under control and ready to go! Good luck! And congrats on having such a good fall season!

Janet O'Connor said...

I just found you through kelly rae. I really enjoy your art and design. I was a teacher for many years and I know what you mean about the inspiration that children bring.
Good luck with your new efforts! Your work is adorable.

Felicia said...

Hi, i've just found you, for the first time ever, just now..... my Monday is now much more smiley!
Good luck with your paintings, I too work well on a deadline, so i'm cheering for you all the way from Ireland!
p.s. congratualations on your one women show.

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