Embossed Leather Cuffs

Ok guys...I am just in love with how these embossed leather cuffs have turned out.  I got so carried away that there are now 21 headed to the Naked Art Gallery for the Microlove opening next weekend!
 Each turns out so different even when I'm using the same powders and stamps!

The dreamer one below is a favorite because of the "happy accidental extra" powder all around the letters.  Most of the time I brush off the extra but this one looked pretty clever a tad messy!

These will all be available at the Naked Art Gallery. Vero would be more than happy to ship to you!!

I leave you with this...I know that I've talked about narrowing down my creative mind and just painting.  But I can't.  I really can't.  I see things I want to try and make and do and my mind starts freaking OUT.  Because I had tricked it into thinking it couldn't, shouldn't wouldn't.  And that's just plain stupid.  I recently picked up the book, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon.  You need to stop reading this blog and run out and buy this book like now.  Pronto.  It has totally changed my perspective on being a creative person.  Thank you Jeanne Oliver for suggesting it!  In the book one my favorite lines so far is this, "take time to mess around.  Get Lost. Wander. You never know where it's going to lead you."  I am so glad I took the time to get lost.  To wander.  Because in the end I created something pretty awesome.

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kashan nasir said...

nice work dude !!

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