Southern Circle Retreats

 Tiffin and I hosted our second Southern Circle retreats in the beautiful community of Serenbe this weekend.  It went flawlessly.  Everyone created amazing works of art.  We crafted yarn wrapped wreaths, original paintings and embroidery hoop art.  The weekend was packed with yummy food,  late night visiting, art making and more.  It's the perfect creative escape.

We don't miss any detail.  It's the attention to details we feel makes our retreat so unique.  It's like one puffy heart moment all weekend!
This is the lovely group of women that gathered with us:  Tiffin, Lisa, Jenni, Cindy, Mary Beth, Melanie, Jill, Gail, Lawrence, Chris, Becky, Lesley, and Samantha.  These women came as far as Oregon to create with us.  Some drove more than 6 hours.  That's just a tad humbling.  Humbling that they would come, some never having met us before, leaving their families (many had 4 kids) behind to come spend a weekend creating with us.  It speaks volumes to me that these women chose a getaway that has them exploring their inner creative spirit instead of a weekend at the beach with umbrella drinks and sand in the toes.  It's flattering and inspiring all balled up in one ball of rainbow twine.

We are already planning the next retreat.  Although this morning I am a tad poopered out, I am beyond inspired to continue the circle.  It is our desire to nurture the creative spirit in all of you.  I hope you'll consider joining us at some point. 


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