Leather Cuffs

I've been crafting cuffs for years.  Trying this and that with them.  Never really making a living off of it, just enjoying the crafting of something different.  I actually get tired of painting.  Gasp.  Right?  And this is something fun that uses stuff I have around the studio.  This past weekend I went to the mart for the January gift show.  There's a vendor in the cash and carry area I LOVE to buy my leather cuffs from.  Yes, I could be thrifty and use belts, but his leather is like freaking butter on your arm.  So I buy his.  It kinda helps he's from some foreign country, talks real smooth and is hot in his skinny European blue jeans.  Did I just say that out loud?   This time I bought some fun colored pieces too...including white, hot pink, navy and orange! 

Anyhoo....I was taking Claudine Hellmuth's online class where we learned a bazillion new techniques.  One was using embossing powder on sticky back canvas.  And although I really like that particular technique, there was a little light turned on in my noggin to use the embossing powder on leather.  Oh sweet baby in a footed onesie, this was the mecca.  First because I've been a buying stuff for years including embossing powder and rubber stamps.  So the piles where there waiting for their rising from the studio grave.

This is kinda addicting.  In case you try it.  So many combinations.  So many end results.  These are of course headed off to the Naked Art Gallery.  The first batch I made and sent her all sold the first month.  Birmingham people know good stuff when they see it I tell ya.  If you like any you see however on my instagram feed let me know before I ship.  Be glad to sell one to you.  BTW I'm artsyorange on instagram. 

Well...gotta go make some dreams come to life.  Hope you guys are having a fabulous Thursday!

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