Inclement Weather Days

Sunday night we got the call....the call every teacher dreams of, every kid prays for and every parent dreads. Due to inclement weather our county was shutting schools down for 2 days.  Now you Yankee folks and Mid-westerners that get snow can laugh at us for shutting down before snow even hits the ground.  But in all honesty the real reason I think we shut down at first sign of bad weather is this, we are a very diverse, rural Georgia county. Diverse in terrain and economic status.  Our county has places buses have to be able to navigate to that honestly need 4-wheel drive on occasions.  By law, our county has to provide transportation to and from school everyday.  The thought of a little child standing at the bus stop in 7' weather without proper attire for who knows how long waiting for a bus that might not even have heat is too much for my heart to bear.  You'd be amazed at what children wear to school when it is blazing hot much less freezing cold.  I've a whole soapbox for that but don't want to get into here.  Ask me when ya see me sometime.  Even my daughter made a comment about an 8th grader who showed up yesterday in 10' weather in a mini skirt.  I mean really.
So the roads never iced, and the snow never fell.  But it was cold.  So for 2 days we did a bunch of this above and this below.  It was amazeballs.  (I may have stayed in my PJ's LONG past coffee time)
I finished our bedroom project.  And then worked on a little project for Tiffin and I's upcoming Southern Circle Retreat.  We are kinda in dreamland right now because it actually sold out this year!!  We are switching up just one project so samples had to be developed.  And inclement weather days in bird flannel PJ's were the perfect days to do just this.
In the end we had crazy cold temps and that was about it.  Luckily our family didn't experience any frozen pipe issues and our cars cranked up just fine.  These weather days fell at the end of our Christmas holiday so we had exactly 16 days off in a row!!  Man am I geared up to teach now!  Hope you are staying toasty warm like we are here in Georgia.

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nacherluver said...

Here in WI we had Mon-Tuesday off due to wind chills of -42 degrees. The kids were finally able to go back to school on Wednesday when the temps were back up to -12 degrees. Yesterday was a balmy 22 degrees above zero! People were peeling off layers! Today we might hit above the freezing mark and rest assured, many will celebrate by wearing shorts.

It hasn't snowed in a while. Too cold to snow. More of the white stuff is heading our way though.

Looks like you had some quality time off! Our fun was boiling water and throwing it out into the subzero air to watch it instantly turn to vapor. Pretty cool. If you can stand opening the door for a few seconds!


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