We're Getting SNOW!!

Ok guys...this is a big deal.  We finally got SNOW!  SNOW!!! SNOW!!!  Last night when the rover call came in that the kids didn't have to go to school but teachers did I was like great.  Another day we're going to have to make up for no freaking reason.  Well....I'll be a monkey's uncle it DID!

In fact, I was at school cleaning out the art closet bomb when the principal came over the intercom and said, "Due to heavy snow precipitation we need for all faculty and staff to evacuate the building immediately."  You didn't have to ask me twice.  After a chick-fil-a run (fearing no chick-fil-a for days) I was home by 12:30.  We watched an awful movie a called ATM.  You heard of it?  Well it's sick.  And I would have turned it off but I wanted to see how it ended.  Which was bad.  Like twisted sick how do people write these scripts without needing serious therapy?  

We all bundled up and went outside for some fun in the snow after that!  
Lawrence loved it the most.  Seriously he was beyond cute running around and eating it.  He even walked the 1/2 mile to the big hill for sledding with us.

Even Ellie Bellie came out to check it out.  

Lily and Lawrence had a blast in the snow.  I can't wait to go back out again and get more photos.  Oh, and none of these have been edited.  Not to shabby.  I love the first one of my kids.  Well...naptime is in order.  Doggies are exhausted.  I told the kids we should pretend we are in a 5 star ski resort and go hot tubbing.  They laughed.  I was serious.  But won't be photographing that activity.

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Christine said...

Wow!!! Looks like we got out of dodge just in time!! So pretty tho!

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