Candy Beads and Teensy Charms

It's embarrassing the quantity of artsy pieces and parts I have in my studio. Seriously. I've got stuff. Paint, embellishments, jewelery making, felt, stamping, wood burning, leather crafting, clay, you name it I dabble in it. It's like I am a blue hairy art Cookie Monster.  I HAVE to have art stuff all the time and devour all that has to do with art. Every once in awhile I get inspired to just use it. And the past few weeks I've been a monster making fool. The tiny bike and camper charms are a part of an OLD series I did with metal stamping. They were super cute. But I got bored with the making of them so the extras got stored away. Since I tend to buy in bulk for fear of the stuff never ever being made again, I have like 50 of these teensy wheeled charms left. These adorable stretchy beaded bracelets are the end product of such hoarding. It's the beads fault really. I was in Hobby Lobby the other day minding my own business when these pastel candy looking beads with a clearance price tag said "BUY ME!". So I did. And these are the result. YEAH!

These will be available at Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama after this weekend when I get them there. They are $18 each. I am sending 6 total. If ya want one she can do online purchases. cool right?

So off to figure out what needs to be used up next. The jewelry making supplies are overwhelming my artsy brain right now. These stretchy bead bracelets are an excellent way to reduce the bead hoarding. So perhaps I'll stick to this for a spell.

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