Orange Happy

I'm plowing along with daily painting. Although I'm not really painting everyday. So I really shouldn't call it daily painting I suppose. Although last week I did paint 4 out of 5 lunch times. That made me happy. This week I have a less stressful afternoon/night schedule so hoping to get a custom painting finished and shipped as well as some more works for the upcoming Norcross Arts Festival. It's in 3 weeks ya'll. What was I thinking???

These new paintings are making me very happy. I think because they are just effortless with the brush. That sounds perhaps a bit like I think I am "all that and a bag of chips", but what I mean is they are seriously translating from brush to canvas what I want them to do with ease. I get pretty discouraged about some of my work. Looking too tight, like I am trying too hard. I am not a realistic painter and yet sometimes feel my paintings are stuck in the middle of real and whimsical in a very bad way. I think these crazy flowers are speaking to me because they are literally just whimsical. No real. I'm not looking at any flowers, I'm not tracing anything. Just using my head and heart to draw and paint. Having fun with color and layering a lot.

Well...another week in the classroom teaching. It's all about Halloween right now. Gearing up for the Family Fun Night exhibit. This year is gonna be sooooooo good!! Have a lovely Monday!

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Artsy Matilda said...

Honey - you are all that and a bag of chips!
Happy Monday to you, as well. I know your kids adore your class. That HAS to take the sting out of Monday!!

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