Scatter Joy

About a month ago Tammie, a former custom painting client that lives in Louisiana, emailed me saying she'd recently been hired as an elementary principal and wondered if I would be willing to paint her a large painting for her new office. Of course I said YES! We talked back and forth about what to paint...her mascot was kinda cheesy so that was a no. Plus she wanted something that could eventually go back to her home. I suggested a word embedded in a landscape with my funky flowers. She said "Sounds great!" I said, how about "Scatter JOY"? So that every time a little child is in her office they see those words. Every time a parent is in her office they see those words. Every time a teacher is in her office they see those words. Embedded into their brains and hearts. Scatter joy.....I believe in the power of words.
Off I went to paint the idea. I love the composition. Simple and yet has an impact because of the contrast in flower colors and the word. I love these new zinnias that are appearing in my work. Sometimes social media becomes embedded in my brain and I just have to get it out. For some reason zinnias were in my instagram feed over and over and over...so they spilled out and onto my canvas. Love. Cone flowers are a personal favorite of mine as well as daisies. Which BTW are finally blooming in my yard!
 And of course it's framed out in a salvage bead board frame. I did add a coat of flat black and distress it for a more finished look. She should receive the painting today. I can't wait to see it hanging in her office!


Rose said...

What a wonderful painting, Jenni! Seeing that i her room is bound to put happy thoughts and memories into everyone who steps in her office. Love it!

Artsy Matilda said...

Love it, Jenni! And so perfect for it's purpose! Genius, as always!

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