Daisies are my favorite flower....have been ever since I can remember. They represent joy to me. I remember one time Billy came to my apartment in college after we'd been broken up for 6 months. We had decided to give it another go so he had brought me the largest bouquet of daisies I had ever seen in my life as a gift. Joy. 

Anyhoo....fast forward to our first house and of course I planted daisies. They flourished in our yard. Bringing joy to my little yard year after year. Then we moved into our new house 4 years ago. I bought more daisies....but forgot to plant them. So they lived in their pots for 2 years on the side of the house I never go by. No water. No food. Just hung out. Nature taking care of them. I decided to plant these babies this past spring.  Over the past few months I've watched them grow and grow and grow. But never bloom. Total bummer. They have flourished in the ground I prepared for them though so I thought for sure eventually they would burst into blooms. They are literally covering a 5 foot area now from 2 freaking plants! And this week.....this week they finally bloomed!!!
Again, like instagram and the zinnias my brain had to get these pretty flowers onto a canvas. With one rose. I am favoring roses more as a get older. Their colors can be truly amazing.
So what flowers are you drawn to? I sure am having fun painting these whimsical flowers. I just can't help it. The brush and the heart are enjoying it too much to stop. Next up is a giant bike with a basket on front full of daisies. Of course.

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Kbresh1 said...

Dear Girl, I LOVE your blog that I stumbled upon through Pinterest! I am a fellow painter that has been stuck at the stop sign for 2 years! I became a nanny for two of my precious GRANDgirls 2 years ago. since then, I have quit painting and my very blood cries out to me to paint! You have inspired me! I need to go down to my studio THIS weekend and set up my easel and my painting I have not finished and CREATE! Thank you for the inspiration! Your blog is now a favorite of mine!

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