Studio Time

I've been trying to get myself into the studio at least twice a week. I know....you'd think I painted everyday right? Nope. I can't really talk about it without getting a bit defensive/angry about my lack of studio time. Sometimes the paths we walk down lead us to really good things. So I'm not saying I dislike my current journey. It's just not what I expected it to be let's say. My job teaching and then after school being a Wonder Mom is an amazing journey and one I am embracing more everyday. And that's okay. It's really good. I sure love being a Mom of teenagers. I just have to set aside a few hours a week to focus on my art. Since I get off at 2:00 on Monday, Thursday and Friday I am finding these days to be good for getting home and just running on down and starting. Well....except on Fridays. Friday I have what I've dubbed "Friday Flu". Where the week of teaching and interacting with like 700 people in one week come crashing down on me and all I want to do is crawl into a tiny ball in my closet and suck my thumb praying Saturday will reveal a rainbow of goodness and joy. It usually does.  :)
So this week I am working on a custom order. I've 2 more in line and I got a call that a spot opened up in the Norcross Art Festival which I said "YES!" to. (Am I that crazy? Perhaps.) The Norcross show is in like 3 weeks. I can do this....I can do this.....
Actually I find goals such as these very liberating. These goals make me focus on my work and not just come home to veg on the couch drinking deep red wine getting lost in HGTV and Lifetime movies (did you know on-demand has a LMN channel that has movies available anytime?)
So...I am off and running. I've got to get these rainbow spikes done so this baby can get shipped off! I hope you are all staying busy and being creative.
PS....My new favorite app is called Aviary and is how I've made the magic happen in these photos. The button "splash" turns your photos black and white and then with your finger you rub across the screen where you want color revealed. Seriously best app ever to happen to me.

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