Art Show!

This past weekend was the Kirkwood Spring Fling. I participated in this show last year, had such a  great time, decided to do it again! Tiffin and Joy did it too and I'll be darned we forgot to get a photo of us all! Bummer. It was predicted to rain....instead it was so freakin' HOT....SUNNY...HOT...did I mention HOT? Wowsa. We weren't prepared for that. But, despite the heat it was great to get out, share my work with people and hang with Joy and Tiffin for 15 hours.

It was also great to see old friends like Heather, Chad, Vicky and Becky. And of course great to make new friends.And sell art.
I have a pretty good bit of stuff left. So I am thinking about braving an instagram sale.  What do you guys think about that?

My whole family came during the day at some point. This is my son Will, he's 15. And just recently got taller than me. What what? Will came up with his girl Toni, her Mom, Nana and Aunt. Then Billy and Mailey came up at the end to hang out and help Tiffin, Joy and I close up. I am SO GLAD they did. Now that the kids are older its really neat having them come to the shows. You can tell they are proud of Momma and her work by their actions. Will was just a beaming. He even posted this pic of us on HIS instagram feed. Now that is gold in my book.
Mailey was so cute....she was looking at my art and said, "Hey Momma, if this one doesn't sell can we hang it somewhere in the house?" She also took a few to hang in her room. Bam....Momma is beaming. Anyhoo....all in all sales were lower than I had wanted. But sometimes that's how it goes ya know. Finding the right niche to sell original art is super tricky. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But then I look at these photos and think "Jenni, there is room for all of us somewhere, you just gotta keep looking for the right spot."

If you are interested in anything you see posted here email me at jennihorne@ymail.com and I'll let you know if its available. Or if you'd like to visit my studio to purchase we can arrange that as well. I'll be around this summer and would love the company.


Rusty Bucket Designs said...

Jenni, I recently found your blog and really love your paintings. Your students are lucky to have you as their art teacher. All the best!

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