Kirkwood Spring Fling

Hey guys!! Last year I did this awesome show in Kirkwood. You can see the post here I wrote about it. Such a fun community nestled right in the heart of Atlanta. This year I am again signed up and bringing Tiffin and Joy! I can't wait to share all my new paintings and yarn wrapped wreaths with the show attendees.  I love to share my work in show venues. It's a great way to get feedback and feel proud and excited about my work all in one 12 hour day.
Finished this one up last night.She's a beauty painted on an old cabinet door.
I love the way all the wreaths turned out. I have lots of finishing touches and packing to do. I wasn't stressed about it, in fact I laid around all weekend saying, "I need to get in the basement and pack for the show." And well, I didn't. Because Lifetime television and porch sleeping were more important to my body.  And now my list is lengthening and Billy is out of town. Yep. That's the way the cookie crumbles for me these days. I've done so many shows though so once I get a little mock set up done packing up all the goodies will be easy peasy. Although packing a new car is gonna be interesting. The van was made for art shows, in fact I made my screens according to the van dimensions. George, well he's a little tricky to get things in and out of. Funny how I stress about weird things right? Not worried about the art selling or setting up, worried about putting it all in my car neatly.

Anyhoo....Hope you can come on by Saturday. Here's the website for the show with directions. Please be sure to say hi!!

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