Canvaspop On the Walls

I take a lot of photos. Crazy amount really. On my phone, on my Rebel SLR...I absolutely love to document our family life through photos. But then I don't always know what to do with them. And some are so sweet and the memory associated with those images are priceless. Like the one below.

This was taken during the great Georgia blizzard last year. It captures my kids to a tee. Mailey's outfit and sassy look, Will's "Abercrombie model face"...I wanted to savor this photo forever. It's not your regular print either. It's a gorgeous Canvaspop! You guys this company rocks. Their site is here. I love this 16x24 print folks!! It looks like I am outside with them taking the photo its so crisp and clean.  I really love the instagram prints here as well. Awesome idea for all those adorable photos in my phone right?
It's carefully wrapped around a wood frame and wired to hang immediately. I can't decide where I want to hang it yet, although the pink dining room makes sense. I can see it everytime I walk through the bottom floor of our home. My photos of the canvas here aren't as good as I'd hoped but on the original you can see the tiniest details of snow across the kids. The quality of print is better than anything I've ever seen friends!! I love that it's hand crafted. Gotta love an American company making an A+ effort.

And guess what friends? Liam over at Canvaspop is offering you all an amazing discount code and one of you will WIN a 16x20 canvas. Woot woot woot!!! Here are the deets:

You guys are getting a 35% discount on your entire order. Use the code CREATIVELIFE35. Now this expires May 15, 2015 and is applicable to the entire order of www.canvaspop.com.

For the giveaway, the code CREATIVELIFE will get one lucky winner a 16 x 20 canvas stretched on a .75" frame depth and includes the cost of shipping as well. That promo is scheduled to expire an entire year from now. That expiration date is April 30, 2016.

I am so excited for you guys. This is an awesome deal. And I plan to order a few more for our family home. Especially some of the fun ones of our dogs. hehehe....So have you all found any cool new products lately?

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