Summer To Do List

Summertime is here...so let's see.....what shall I do with myself? Well I am going to be finishing my Paint Something E-course Part 2 up first. LOTS of painting and video taping. I CAN NOT wait. This e-course thang is right up my alley. First, I love a stage. And this platform gives me a shiney stage to be the spotlight of. Secondly, I love to share my heart with others about painting. Teaching is a gift I have been given, I am so grateful for this gift.
Secondly, I can't wait to hang with this man a little more. I've promised myself I am going to pick up a golf club so we have a common activity to enjoy. I may just be the hot golf-cart girl though. Hahaha..I've tried to get him running with me and that ain't happening. He has started strumming guitar a little to do something I enjoy. Marriage is like that....you bend and curve until you mold together again. It's super fun. I love seeing how we unfold each year.
 I am really looking forward to sleeping in with this fuzzy face. Every morning after Billy leaves the doggies totally sandwhich me. I love it. Love love love it. Their unconditional love is amazing.
I hope to get to some painting for fun....I want to paint a big one for my porch. A bike of course. Pink I think. With pennants and hearts and some cool quote. Yep.
So I just found out we have HBO. Not sure why I haven't scrolled through the 10,000 channels we have sooner, but a person can only click so much before her eyes get glossed over. Between 2 Lifetime channels and 5 HBO's I am set for porch TV and couch TV when it's sweltering here in Georgia. I love me some movie time. And obviously doggies do too. They are the biggest snugglers ever. Again...love it.
There will be lots of watching this handsome boy play ball. He's stepped up a notch and will be playing summer 16U travel ball. I understand some of the tournaments are packed with college scouts and pro-scouts. Makes me a nervous momma....for him! He has seriously playing goals. I want him to see his dreams come true so bad. After the back injury that put him out of high school ball all season we are excited for the season to start and see how he has healed. This summer will be the tell-tale if he can hang with the big boys. He's the youngest and smallest on his team. And yet plays the hardest position on the field and I think has a pretty good batting average. I am so not into stats and records. But he hits a lot. That's all I know.
Lastly, I hope to be hitting this at some point. Mailey and I are going to NYC in July, so not sure between baseball and that if we can squeeze it in. But I sure hope so. The beach is my soul saver. It's like a recharge for my whole body. I love it so much. Billy and I both hope to one day retire to the sand. It may be in a cardboard box, but we'll have salt, sand, oysters and each other. What more could a woman need?

So what are your summer plans? If you want to join my e-course be sure to pop over to that website www.paintsomething.guru. We are launching on July 6th. Summer is always a time of lazy days, no plans, lunches out and smelling of chlorine. I can not wait to get started with it all!

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