The Studio

Hey guys....as promised this week is all about the past.  And what better way to start than with my original home studio before I'd even left the Flea!  It was in the garage.......Man you should see what this place looks like now.  Well, maybe not.

When I visit other artist's websites I am always eager to see where they create. So, if you are one of those too, here is my space. About a year ago I converted half my garage into this little space for creativity. It quickly became a junk room, so bad that you couldn't even get to the extra fridge! On Labor Day I spent about 8 hours straight cleaning and organizing my little nook. I love it out there. It's quiet and I can leave projects mid-stream and not worry about kids or cats messing in the piles. The only problem is I share it with the lawn mower. Which I don't see because I hung these fabulous bamboo shades across the width of the garage to create a wall, but you still smell it! Needless to say, I constantly burn a candle while creating

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