Staying Strong

This painting is so appropriate right now for Billy and I and our little life.  This is totally uncomfortable territory for us.  Selling and buying a house that is.  We bought one together 16 years ago.  Yeah, that means 16 years of stowed away stuff peeps.  So we are holding hands tightly, and trying not to get over the top excited, because there is the unknown.  It could all fall through tomorrow.   Right now we've got an overflowing bucket of joy and anticipation behind us.  And two uber excited children.  Yeah....keep us in your thoughts over the next 18 days.   We can always use another hand. 


Paul and Cheri said...

So sweet. Hold on tight. xoxo

Vickie said...

I totally understand...having moved 14 times in the last 29 years and getting ready to move again only this time without the help of movers. Lots of stuff to sort after living in this place 11 years. Moving is an adventure...new house, new neighbors, etc and lots of memories to make. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mechelle said...

I hope all goes well with your home Jenni!

A Cup of Sparkle said...

I hope it goes well. Good luck and nice painting!


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