A Little Painting

Today I got out the paints.  Yep.  Felt good.  Throughout all the chaos of choosing a house and now packing I've literally had to just say, "I will have time to create very soon, patience.  Patience."  This morning I woke before anyone else in the house and thought.....I think it's time.  I've got a sweet customer waiting for a custom order.  I'd already made the base with the compound and carving so all it needed was a little color.  And look who decided to keep me company during it all.
So, have you been working on anything fun lately?


mama bleu said...

I love your sweet painting and your studio buddy. Yes, I've been working on what I call "word whimsies" and just put a bunch of them in my etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/listing/79791277/autumn-inspirational-greeting-word-art

Unknown said...

Ooooo..thank you for sharing!! I'll go check it out.

Rita Maria Gallery said...

gosh your photos are amazing!

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