I love Etsy treasuries.  Especially when my art finds its way into a lovely collection!  And lately it seems the camping/rv/vintage camper theme is HOT.  So I keep getting little messages about my camper paintings finding their way into treasuries with amazing vintage finds like this one:

I have now bought 2 little camper toys.  The 1st one is already packed...but I found it amongst my art in a treasury.  And now this little gem.  Love, like puffy heart love this!!  The windows slide open, the door opens and it is the perfect color of lime green!
So in your searching if you happen upon a cute toy camper, let me know!  I may need to add it to my collection!  I can't wait to unpack them all and find the perfect spot in my new HUGE art studio.  Peeps....I am telling you, my new studio is so big I am not going to know what to do with myself in it.  Well, actually I will.  MAKE ART!!  Yipppppeeee!!!


LR said...

perfect find. :-)
i'll keep an eye out for you.

Isabel said...

Omg!!! I used to play with one exactly like that when i was little. It belonged to my brother and when he was being nice I could play with it the door opens and the windows:O) In fact he still has it in excellent shape too:O) What a great find:O)

Anonymous said...

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