Sometimes the writing is in plain sight.  Sometimes it's not.  I used to love the hidden picture books as a child.  You know, the ones at Cracker Barrell that have the clear marker with the orange lid attached, the "magic marker"?  You'd scribble all over the page to reveal the hidden picture.  As I transition into this newness of teaching full-time and working as an artist things are constantly being revealed by my orange lid marker.  Some pictures are not so good, some are amazing, and some are quite surprising (like crying today after my 3rd graders made fun of my drawing!!).  This has been a very fulfilling week and surprisingly I'm not that tired.  The biggest challenge I faced this week was the constant companions and little voices.  Imagine....me, the studio and Lily all day creating for 3 years.  Now......... it's more like me, an art room and 100 kids a day!!    And Lily at home alone with her crazy cat sister Graham Cracker!! 

So, all said and done, no regrets about anything, nope.  It's just about REDISCOVERING myself.  Yep.  It's all good.  To say goodbye for now I have this quote for you:

"Rediscover you.  Admire yourself more often.  You are as beautiful as your heart remembers."

PS.  The cool photo above I took in Birmingham, Alabama.  Someone keeps painting those words on the overpasses all over town.  What an amazing person


Krista Benskin said...

Loved the picture! How nice it would be to see such positive words tagged all around us all of the time. I wish you luck and courage as you continue on your journey to rediscovery.

Ludid said...

i taught college kids for several years, so i understand the challenges of teaching. i like the angle you are taking in rediscovering yourself. know that we are cheering you on and supporting what you are doing even if its from the distance.

Debbie said...

Wow, I needed that little quote you put at the end of your post, loved it!!!!!
All my best to you and your rediscovery of you, those are some lucky kiddos!!

Debbie x0x0

Janet said...

Jenni, I've been following your blog for a little while now. I retired from 12 years of working at White Oak last spring. Don't let those 3rd graders bother you. Give them a few weeks and, if they are bright, they'll figure out what a gem they have for an art teacher.

This Moment said...


That bridge is amazing! I would love seeing that as I was driving--what a great message:)

Best wishes with the kids--I can't believe they laughed at your drawing (well I guess I can--little kids are strange like that sometimes!) I used to teach middle school and I guess I can see that. I bet you're an AMAZING art teacher:)

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