7 Days

Today I feel a bit like Leonard and Larry look here.......hanging on the edge and screaming!!!!  Well, maybe not the screaming part.  I actually get really quiet and cut off from the world of reality when stressed.  Yep. 

One week from today we sign our little home over to a stranger.  I hate that we've yet to meet the family that will now call our home theirs.  I have so much to tell her.  You know, like what the original paint colors were, all the "upgrades" we've made over the years, how many times walls have been painted over, that the giant tree in the backyard was our first Christmas Tree, that both our children came home from the hospital into this driveway and slept in this room.....etc.....
The little den above has been walked into almost everyday for the past 16 years.  I wonder how many times that is....let me go get a calculator.........that's at least 6,000 times this room has been walked through by me.  And that's just once a day.  You have to go through this room to get everywhere in the house.  So it has been truly loved and lived in.  And now it looks like this:
Doesn't seem to bother Saily any.  She's still perching herself in the usual spot.  And Graham Cracker is loving the boxes and bubble wrap.  Lily is a little timid right now, she knows something big is happening.  Our children ask everyday, "How many days now?  Why can't we just move now?"  Billy is acting like life is just dandy and normal.  I....am doing all the packing and freaking.  I guess it's better that only one parent is insane at this time.   So, the studio has yet to be packed.  I suppose it's next.  I've avoided it thinking maybe I'd have to sneak in and make something.  Yeah, right. 

So this next week I'm going to re post some of my favorite old blog posts since the rest of the house is about to look like the photo above.  So enjoy......and Wish me luck!!! 


Sabrina said...

Oh I'm thinking such good thoughts for your move!!! I know you'll get it all done and change can be a wonderful spark for your family. Best wishes!

Artsy Matilda said...

I'll be wishing for you a lot more than LUCK! Things like: Wonderful times, great adventures, new miracles, delightful memories, lovely transitions and all the excitement your heart can hold!! It's going to be fabulous! As Piglet likes to say to Pooh "what exciting adventure are we going to have today?" I do believe that should be your motto for now! HA!
Best wishes and gobs of good luck!

Felicia said...

I am sending you many many good thoughts, for energy and patience and to be strong. You have filled your home with love and you will do the same again in your new home.
Best of luck!!!!!!

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