Whew.  It's absolutely amazing what a steroid shot in the arm (ouch) and $100 worth of presciptions can do for a body!  Sorry about the lack of postings this week, and the ones I did were a little sad, but man I've been really sick, and you know us Mom's, we can't get sick.  And yes, I was grinning and bearing it on our fabulous vacation.  On the mend now and getting more focused for sure.  Yeah!  Old me.  ;)

So now that I have a plethora of paintings for upcoming shows to sell and to use on cool new products I'm developing in the studio, I've been working on some of what I call DIVERSIONS.  Yep.  Webster defines diversions as 1:  the act or instance of diverting from a course, activity, or use 2:  something that diverts or amuses: PASTIME.  I love this word right now.  diversion, diversion, di....ver....sion.  It's a much more exciting way to say that I am totally off course and playing around in the art room.  It's a fluffy word for spending time on things I may or may not sell,  but I'm going to try anyways.  And since I love to learn new things, and try new things, a diversion was a welcomed word to the vocabulary.  So what have been I amusing myself with this past week?  Take a looksey:

A new BIRDIE pattern!!  I do love my felted silly birds with super long legs, but after seeing some adorable paper birds on branches at Seibel's a few weeks ago I decided to work on a new birdie pattern.  I'm still tweaking the pattern a bit.  William says the beak area is all wrong, and they aren't fat enough.  I can always add more fluff I told him and rounden out the head.  My plan is to place the little guys in some handmade cages.  Oh boy. 

And also diverting my attention is my new obsession with embroideryish things.  I say "ish" because I have NO idea what I am doing.  I just stitch away.  My favorite is the truck, but the photo turned out blurry wouldn't ya know.   I worked on a bunch of these little projects in the car.  These mini nests are about to be neatly laid into pendant bezels.  Remember the crewel work necklace a few posts back?  Yeah, I think using my own creations is better than cutting up my favorite vintage crewel work too.

So anyhoo.....gotta go work on the birdie pattern again and get myself all set up for the night's projects.  Billy is out of town and the kids are at Nana's.  I know, I am a very lucky girl right now.  Oooo...and Project Runway is coming on too!  It's going to be a fabulous night filled with diversions.


Dianne said...

Love those birds!!!

Ashley Boccuti said...

The birds look like fat little hummingbirds, I love them!
The embroidery is great too! If you wnat to learn some more stitches I highly recommend "Doodle Stitching" by Aimee Ray. It's really great, and teaches you all the stitches. It also helps with drawing up your own embroidery designs.
Oh, and have you seen THIS yet?!:
I've preordered it. I immediately thought of you when I saw it, it is so YOU!!!

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

loving your diversions! those birdies can come home with me! :) and that blue bird with cut out sing behind it is awesome, where's that treasure from?

risa said...

Love the birdies...I've been painting birds for weeks now...it's addicting!

Terri said...

Jenni, these birdies are sooooo cute! I was so sad to give my friend the birds you made for her fabric bird cage. They were so cute. I am going to be in a show in November with my desserts and would love to talk to you about making some more birds and possibly embroidering my aprons! I would of course put your information at my booth! Your art is amazing. Just let me know if that might be a possibiblity. Terri My new website is sweetnestdesserts.net

Anonymous said...

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