Mailey's Art Room

Yesterday morning as I was working on my birdie pattern in the bed (lazy days are almost over, I've got to take advantage!), I began to hear a commontion in the art room and then the den.  "Mailey, what are you doing?"  "Making a tent, can you help me?"  After a little coaxing that heavy fleece blankets would not work the spanse she wanted, and I found a perfect sheet, she began to tape away.  When we were done she was beyond smiling.  Ok, now what I thought?  And I ask, "Now Mailey, what are you planning to play in your tent?"  And she replied most emphatically, "MOM, it's my ART ROOM."  Oh.  OK.  And then I grin from ear to ear as well.  So here is her art room, which by the way is still in tact.

Of course I asked her why an art room when she could just work in my room.  And she says, "Mom, have you seen your art room this morning?"  Um.....she may have a point.  Here's my desk with the piles creeping into the work space.

Yikes!  And this is the other table in the art room where the piles have totally taken over the table.

So last night when I wanted to pull out the sewing machine and try Singer sewing the new birdie, well.....I took over the kitchen table as well.  We can eat in the den in the art room tent, right?

And here's a neaky peaky at what the above mess was able to make.  I am beyond excited about the new bird......and it's little cage.  


sydney @ memorable minutes said...

how cute is your daughter?! and i love love that you are using embroidery hoops for the cages. I have got to tackle the singer i have in the basement! i think its my nemesis. :)

Dianne said...

I used to make tents like that... and they stayed much neater than my art room... Glad I'm not the only one!

gypsysticks said...

well, I guess the good thing about a messy art room is that it's a testiment to how productive you've been!

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