Widdle Happiness

I've got an agenda going for the next few weeks prior to "Show Season" starting.  It's 5.5 weeks and counting, a little too quickly for me!  This week my goal was jewelry making.  And today I did this:

They look like little ants on a picnic almost.  But in fact they are about 200 widdle charms that I hand dyed.  Yep.  One by one dipped, placed in baking soda mix, water then dried so as not to rust.  Whew.  Smelly too.  And I've got lovely fingernails to prove that I did it all by myself.  I found that when owning a retail store it was more cost efficient to buy in bulk when you can.  And now that I've found a resource for my charms, I did just that.  And I am super excited about this little find in that shop:

You can squeal....I did.  Isn't it the cutest thing ever???  Just like the campers I paint!  I also have now a wonderful supply of trucks, lock-n-keys, woven hearts, RV campers, butterflies, paint palettes and bikes.  Oh the possibilities are endless with the words to go with all of these.  I've been stamping away this afternoon in hopes of having some for the FOLK FEST this weekend!


Dianne said...

Too cute!

sperlygirl said...

you are an inspiration! i just know big things are headed your way. warmly, s

gypsysticks said...

I can't wait to see the jewelry you make out of those! I'm sure they'll turn out precious.
blessings and happiness,

Suzanne said...

I love that your ipod, or phone is in the picture. We're always connected, even when we're creating. I squealed when I saw the camper, too. That's so great! Please post some photos when you finish this jewelry (that is, if you didn't sell out).

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