Morning Sunshine

This morning I have this overwhelming sense of joy.  Don't really know why.....but it feels like something big is about to happen.  You ever get that feeling?  Of course I am hoping this sense of anxiousness is followed with good news!

I wanted to share with you two paintings that will be flying over to Birmingham, Alabama today entitled "Morning Sunshine".  Anne called me awhile back after seeing my work at Seibel's in Homewood.  She wanted two paintings for her daughter's first "big girl" room.  And here they are!

She's thrilled, and so am I.  It was my first time to paint since learning that my solo show was canceled.  I've had to take a break from the brushes....but now I'm back!  Here's where they'll be going.  Isn't this a gorgeous room??  (Sorry for the fuzziness, it's really low resolution which I can do nothing about.)


Isabel said...

So beautiful!!:O)

olive + hope said...

love the pieces, and I also love seeing where they will be going :)

Alicia said...

Such cheerful beautiful paintings. They make me smile! Don't put your brushes down any more.

gypsysticks said...

They will look perfect in there! Beautiful work -- as usual. :)

Dianne said...

They are just beautiful and so cheerful!

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