Paging Dr. MG......Paging Dr. MG

FIRST, tomorrow you must come to my blog!  Cool things revealed and a give away!!  Well, cool to me anyways and I am thinking you'll like them too :). 

But today, since my internet has been most unkind to me for a week, I finally have a cute Mailey story to share.  Oh how I love being her Mother.  So Friday night Mailey and I had the house to ourselves.  I was pooped for some reason so mostly I laid on the couch in and out of sleep.  She kept coming in and asking for things like, "Mom, where's the white string?  Mom, where's the tape?  Mom, where are the band aids again? Mom, where are the safety goggles?"  etc.  Finally she came in and said, "I'm all ready now."  OK.  For what?  "Surgery Mom.  Pinkie has a hole in her heart and I'm about to fix it.  Want to watch?"  Um yeah, can I bring my camera?  "Sure"  So here are just a few of the pictures I took of Pinkie's heart surgery:

As you can see her heart did indeed have a  large black hole in it.  This is Dr. MG putting Pinkie to sleep.  (with the cap to my water bottle)
And here she is performing miracle open heart surgery with the hottest new tools in medicine, patterned pencils.

Here's a view of the surgical center (my bathroom).  I tried to point out some things on the photo. Seriously guys, I don't know where she gets some of her ideas from.  The wrapping paper box IV stand, heart monitor, and wii remote?  Man, she is totally going to be inventing something one day HUGE.  There were many more steps in the surgery including using my GAP artist perfume for cleansing, cleaning of the wound with q-tips, listening over and over with her scope, etc.  It was really fun to watch.  In hindsight I should have videoed it.  Could have been a Utube sensation!

And here is Pinkie all bandages up and ready for the recovery room.  As you can see, she is still hooked up to the IV for careful monitoring over night.
The next patient was Africa, a wild elephant who had a broken nose.  Here once again we are putting the animal to sleep.  She was not just a doctor for animals Friday night either.  American Girl Doll Kit had glass removed from her foot which required 6 stitches and birdie had paper removed from her eye from the owners who were carelessly shredding paper too close to her cage.   Yep, they all had a story.  So that night they all slept in the recovery room off the surgery center.  Unfortunately, the center had to be moved to her room the next day.....we did need to use the potty at some point.  :)  Today she made the den a GIANT kitchen.  Haven't gotten photos of it yet, but I really wish my stove was as big as the one she made out of a box.  Yep, always an adventure in this house!

Hope to see you back here tomorrow!!  Enjoy your Monday.


Ludid said...

great story. it's always fun when kids are around, isn't it?

Courtney said...

That's super cute. Watch out, you may have a scientist on your hands... :)

Lori Craig said...

hysterical...she's so creative. i wonder where on earth she gets it. must be her daddy. hugs, J!

Alicia said...

Amazingly creative..she has a bright future ahead of her.

nacherluver said...

Kids Rock!

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

hilarious! can't wait to see what you have in store tomorrow!

gypsysticks said...

Ok, first I have to say I am so excited to see your new banner! It looks AWESOME! You did a great job and the tag line is perfect. Good for you! :)

also, I never did get what Mattie's Social Circle meant until you explained it recently in a post. So now with her in your banner it makes perfect sense. ;)

Now, as far as that little surgeon goes, she is just too cute. I just love it when kids use their imaginations and little found objects around the house and when you see them put it all together, it so fits.

Have all the patients fully recovered?

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