Sense of Anxiousness

So remember earlier this week when I said I feel like something big is coming?  Well, that sense of  anxiousness has set in and I really can't shake it loose.  It all started with the painting of Lily and Mattie, the feeling that I need to step it up and make a decision about my identity.  Maybe that's not the best way to put that, I mean my identity as an artist and the business side of it all.  Sooooo, my internet has been down pretty much all week which has given me an excuse to work on some ideas.  Man I have so much to share with you guys!  So many ideas, so many thoughts.  But alas, my family seriously will not let me have 5 minutes in here without interruption to write my thoughts down for you, sigh....  I'll be back early next week though when the house is quite (except for the snoring of Lily).  For now, here's a blueprint of things to come:


gypsysticks said...

wow...looking forward to hearing what this is all about...I'm so glad to hear good things are brewing for you. ;)

nacherluver said...

Ha! That blueprint actually makes way more sense to me than it probably should! Either I totally get it, or I'm really tired this morning. ;)
Can't wait to hear what's brewing.

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