Budding Artists

Hey guys!!!!  Wonder where I've been?  Well, this week I hosted ART CAMP!!!  Woohoooo!  3 days, 15 hours, and gallons of paint later I am home and feeling a tad bit like a freaking energizer bunny!!  I think it's because at the end of today's class we set up all the work like a mini show and had the parents come to see everyone's work.  And as I glanced around myself I thought holy cow!  There are some serious budding artists in this room.  So here's the nitty gritty then I'll give you the tour.  I had 24 students ages 14-5 all in one room.  And you'd never have known it.  Fabulous thing it is.....having 24 kids who WANT to be in the room with me (on many occasions my own 2 kids don't want to be in the room with me, so 24 is pretty awesome).  And these kids were like little sponges for art knowledge.  It was the best.  This is my calling.  It is what makes my heart so very, very full.  Puffy heart.  Yep.

Project #1:  I bought bisque ware vases and had the kids glaze them with my favorite new glossy glazes.  Today we made tissue flowers to fill the sweetness.
Project #2:  Yes.  I know.  Beyond cute.  I wanted to keep them ALL.  These adorable sculptures were made from air dry clay, skewers and wooden blocks.  Today we added the paint details and embellishments.  I can not believe how these 24 kids all at once created these sculptures.  Serious hand skills in the room. 

Project #3:  Well, since I took this great online painting class this summer and enjoyed the techniques I used in the paintings so much we used 2 of the paintings as inspirations for our work.  The concentration was on
warm and cool colors as well as texture.

Project #4:  Nothing better than a well done oil pastel drawing.  Oil pastels may be my favorite material to use with kids.  Especially when the project turns out like this:

Project 5:  Whimsical cat and dog paintings.  Yes, inspired by my Lily and Graham.  They are consuming me these days with their stinking cuteness.  And it's spilling from my canvas to now my student's.  But hey, aren't they cute together?  Especially in green and orange. 

So, that's it.  I also have to give a huge shout out to Jennifer who helped me everyday.  I am not so sure it would have gone so flawless witbhout her! 

It was so great to be in the classroom all day again.  Really it was.  I have some news to share soon, speaking of heart is full stuff and all.  But not yet.  I have a video blog coming to spill the beans.  So what have you guys been doing all week with yourselves?


lauragabbard said...

I want to be like you when I grow up!!! LG

Jenni Horne said...

You already are girl!!

Beth said...

Nice work on the yard! I need to do some serious weeding too, but creating in the studio is so much more fun, right?
Can't wait to hear your news!

nacherluver said...

Wow! Look at that art! Real talent in those kids. Kids are always so free and willing to express. I love that about kids. I swear I learn as much from my kids as they learn from me.

I'm so glad the classes worked out so well for you and that you are enjoying yourself so much. Lucky students!

What did I do all week? Tried to keep cool! Today we'll hit the beach.

Jenni Horne said...

Oh man, the beach would be fabulous today!

Artsy Matilda said...

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful flock of artists you had with you! And your camp must truly ROCK with the projects that turned out. So wonderful. Thanks for loving to teach, it makes the world a better place! Looking forward to hearing what you're up to next!

This Moment said...

I love all that art--makes me smile.

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

Beautiful artwork.
I love the texture and colors of the projects.

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