Wedding Gift Thoughts

About a month a ago a sweet fan of my work called and asked if I would make a tandem bike as a wedding gift.  Awesome gift, right??  So of course I said yes.....and finally got it done and mailed to Miami!!  I used a filter on the pictures below, so they are a little softer and dreamier than in person.  Just thought I'd try a little something new is all. 
By the way, as I am typing this blog, baby Graham Cracker keeps jumping onto the table, walking across my keyboard and resetting the post!!!  Dang it.  But man is she cute.  Ooooooo...is she cute.  Anyhoo, as I was saying before interrupted twice now, this was a great idea for a wedding gift.  And made me think back to my wedding and my favorite gift.  And that would be......drum roll here if you like......The Juicer.  Yep.  Billy and I used to be HUGE juicers.  We'd throw everything but the kitchen sink into our glasses.  Especially fresh ginger.  Now that juicer is long gone though, and honestly, other than all the amazing china we received which is packed up in the attic because we thought we'd only be in this house for maybe 5 years and instead stayed 16....I don't remember many of our gifts.  Of course we got linens and towels and that sort of stuff.  But an original piece of art, now this happy couple will remember this forever.  I hope anyways. 
I have another custom bike painting for a sweet blog reader coming up this week.  And art camp to prepare for.  I have 24 kids coming.  uh-huh....I said 24.  I am over-the-moon about the camp too!!!!  I had to hire another art teacher to help me with that many hands.  Wait until you see what we are making next week.  Several of my blog friends have actually signed their kids up after seeing the 1st camp.    wink...wink....


nacherluver said...

Very cute painting. I would soooo sign my kids up for your class if I lived anywhere near you. Heck, I'd sign myself up! Good luck with class. 24... Wow!

Artsy Matilda said...

Great painting! I absolutely love the handle bar tassles flying in the breeze! You are amazing. Art camp sounds fabulous! Have a great time. I am very envious of those students and the things they will learn!
Happy week!

This Moment said...

What an amazing wedding gift! They are so lucky and you know that will be cherished forever!

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

What a great and original wedding gift. Love it.

Good luck with art camp ... sounds like fun.

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