So, Here's Where I've Been

So this week.....well I've not done one creative thing in my studio.  Nope.  After the whole losing the dream house deciding to keep ours for sale now what do we do week, I am happy to say I have found some energy.  It's a little like that last trimester in pregnancy.  You know the one where you start cleaning stuff out and freaking your husband out because he does NOT get that the babies closet does indeed need painting NOW!  Yeah.  Maybe you didn't have that problem, but you get the idea.  So here was my project this week.

Yeah, I know.  Totally gross.  This used to be the prettiest little perennial garden with teak table and umbrella.  Used to that is.  I had totally let this place go to weed heaven.  Seriously some of the weeds were like as tall as me.  Geesh Jenni!  Perhaps our lookers did not find this very attractive, ya think?  So off I go to Lowe's to buy a truck load of fresh mulch and new weed blocker.
And was so dang determined even in the southern 100' heat that when it started pouring down rain, I kept working.  See below, it was pouring!!
So, about $300 later we now have an amazing little backyard escape.  When potential buyers look out the double window, which is in the kitchen, they will see themselves happily hanging in this area with perhaps a cold beer.
So, with the mojo on I decided to tackle the other backyard monster which was the forsythia bushes. They lined the patio and back of the house.  I totally forgot to take a photo of it, but just imagine bushes as tall as the one story house.  And I cut down enough branches to FILL the back of our full size pick up.  Yeah.  You could hardly walk to the playground without getting whipped in the eye.  And the slide was buried under the branches.    This time orange van got to carry the load (truck was full of branches).
And now, patio bleached and scrubbed, bushes cut, tree house planter full of pretty flowers, this is a little kids' dream area.  In fact, my kids are out there now!!  So let's see,   I put out 22 bags of Cyprus mulch here and 35 bags of black mulch in the other area.  Whew is right.
Last night we reaped the benefits of the cleaned yard and had peeps over to cook out and make these in the fire bowl:
 And then at bedtime I did a lot of this for our little house to sell:
BTW, yes, she has fresh pine straw around her and the entire front of the house does too.  I know.  I know.


nacherluver said...

You GO GIRL!!!! Looks great!

Diana said...

Great job! Your backyard looks awesome... I'm sure it'll sell quickly. You look so cute working in your sundress. Don't worry, your real dream home is still out there!

Dale said...

I'm sure with all that hard work and prayer you'll sell in a jif. If not you could try burying St. Joseph upside down in the front yard. I was a skeptic, but it worked!

Odd Chick said...

i love your spunk. nothin can keep a good girl down!

Catherine Denton said...

Everything looks beautiful! Wanna come work on my house now? ;)

Anonymous said...

Pretty!!! If I were in the market, your yards would seal the deal! xo Renee

Artsy Matilda said...

Everything looks so manicured and lovely. It's all in the details! Beautiful!

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