The Newness of it All

So remember my post a few days back when I showed my new jewelry pieces and parts?  Well.....I finally got into the studio and started making stuff!!!  Woohoooo!!  I am in love with these.  Especially the cow hide one on the bottom with the intricate brass plate with stamping.  They are super comfy.  And yes, custom orders are welcome!!  The newness of all this making is so energizing to my creative soul!

I hope to get back into the studio today to finish up a dozen or so.  This summer is keeping me super busy in so many ways.  I haven't found my way into the studio as much as I like, but that's ok.  There aren't too many summers left with my kiddos in the house or where they actually want to do stuff with me.  Know what I mean?

I will list a few in etsy with the rest headed to the Vintage-Flea in Newnan.  I'll keep you posted through my facebook page as to when!!  So head on over and join to get in on the latest adventures and heads up on etsy listings.


Alicia said...

These are so cute! My favorite is the one with the flower. Enjoy that energy from creating something new.

Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

These are lovely. I love that rush that comes with a new creative project. Rock on!

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