Paintbrushes Your Vacation is Over

Yep.  My paintbrushes have had a nice little hiatus while I was away for a week of beach and baseball.  The baseball was awesome!!  The beach, well seriously is there anything about the beach I don't love? Let me think......that would be no.  (well, jellyfish....I really don't like those)  We've never been gone that long from Lily our little dog.  And when I picked her up from Happy Tails, geeeeesh louise!  She had to tell me ALL about her stay.  And her pile of new friends, and her favorite worker, etc.  I have never seen our little dog so excited. 

Anyhoo, It is great to be home.  I feel recharged.  All week I kept up with my painting class online, but didn't have my paints.  Which was killing me!!  So this morning I whipped out a cabinet door and went to town.  I am just tickled with the outcome!!  Have I told you about the class yet?  I'm taking the Lisa and Mati one, Get Your Paint On.  I know, I know......I already know how to paint.  But I really needed to be energized by some newness.  And honestly, I wanted to see how others teach adults.  I know how I teach.  But it's nice to be on the other side.  And these two peeps are SO interesting.  I am seeing a world of art I've never been exposed to before.  It's a little intimidating actually.  But I like being given an assignment and having to run with it.  I love having others look at my work and say, it's good, but would be better if...

I won't be showing you all the work.  But I really liked the outcome of this one.  Although in person the colors are better.  Something is not quite right between my camera lens and the original.  But you get the idea.

Here's a close up.  And yes, I plan on leaving the hinges on the cabinet.  By the way, if you go to the Habitat Re-Store, which seem to be popping up everywhere, they have a wonderful selection of cabinet doors.  I just made sure the ones I purchased were painted and not the fake laminate wood.  I was able to sand and prime the door to be sure the paint would stick this way.  Anyhoo, are you guys trying anything fun and new this summer?  Share the links please!!


Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I just adore this painting! Looking through your photo stream, I clearly see your style and all the wonderful bike paintings, birds and cars. So where do you sell your work?

from GYPO summer 2011 class

Lorrie Everitt said...

Love the way this one turned out. The letters in the background, the texture and the bottles. beautiful.

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