While Visions Of Jewelry Making Danced in Her Head....

Friday I headed up to the July Gift show at Americas' Mart.  Natalie of Grit and Grace, whom I share a booth with at the Flea, joined me for the very FULL day of shopping fun.  I had the best time helping her choose clothes and other goodies for her booth and fall shows.  We have very similar tastes....and binge buying habits!!  We were alll over that darn mart shopping.  And eating....and drinking Corona any showroom that had it!  Hehehehe...Yes, on Friday and Saturday night it's like a giant party in the big showrooms upstairs.  So much fun. 

Anyhoo, I did get many items to sell, not just put on my own body.  (Although I did get some amazing clothes!!!)  So I have not slept good since that night because of this find:
My head is just dancing with ideas to add to these yummy leather straps.  They were a total binge buy, and of course I bought 3x what you see here.  But I've always wanted to add my stamping to leather, even bought the leather stuff at Michael's a year ago.  It's of course in the famous to-do pile.  But these straps, well they are already made up.  All I have to add is the Jennisms to them.
I'm thinking about finding a way to add my newest shipment of cabochons to them.  I was careful in choosing the colors and have the most amazing color palette.  Can't you picture it?  The dreamy leather with the dainty flowers?  Love.  Speaking of love, I ordered several of these hearts below.  Of course they are bigger than I expected.  But talk about a statement piece!  Especially if I can configure them onto the wide leather straps!
So, when am I planning to get started on ALL of these new ideas you ask?  Well, our little house is once again purged and clean.  Yard looks amazing(you see my post?).  We've found a new house to make an offer.   Art camp is ready to go this week.  I just have one little, I mean rather large, custom painting to finish.  And then I can open the visions that are dancing in my head!!
Off I go!!!!!!!!  See you later in the week with some color on this bike.  It's going to be PINK!

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Dianne said...

Lovely finds! I can't wait to see what you do with the leather straps.. and the cabs are soooo pretty...

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