Let's Talk About Something Else

Yes.  Please....let's talk about something other than houses and teaching.  How about....ummmmm.....these super great new additions to my etsy shop!!  I'm determined to use all the charms and beads in my drawer and not buy a single thing.  Determined.   I did have to buy the leather blanks to attach these baubles to, and have zero regrets about that!  They are like butter, so soft.
There are many styles and colors to choose from in the shop.  I've also filled a shelf in my booth at The Vintage-Flea.  So shop peeps....shop!  Early Christmas shopping, Birthday shopping or just a happy day shopping. 
And yes, this orange wide cuff is by far my favorite.  It's about 3" thick.  Fabulous.  Can you just see it....jeans, white tee and this on your wrist?  Yes I can!!


linwood avenue said...

you're not keeping the orange one for yourself???

Catherine Denton said...

Those are gorgeous.
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Felicia said...

Hi Jenni, i've been following your blog for a few months now, but for some reason blogger doesn't always let me leave comments.... I love these and am heading to Etsy right now!!!
So, everytime you post you can imagine that i'm commenting- its just that you can't always see it!!

Jenni Horne said...

I have the same problem leaving comments on some blogs too. Drives me nuts!!

sydney said...

I debated and debated between the orange one, the creative soul one, and the yellow one I bought! You know the way to my heart, Jenni!

- Sydney
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Cre8tiveQueen said...

Seriously, I haven't been on your etsy in awhile and OMG... Love, love, love! There is only 50 things I want! =) I love the new vintage framed pieces! Oh, and your necklaces they melt my heart into a puddle!

Dianne said...

They're very cool!

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