Girl Scouts and Flags

It seems a tad late to be sharing these, but you know me....I just gotta sometimes sneak a little of my family into the blog.  And today is one of those days because I just got to these on the camera card!  So 9.11.  I know.  There was so much this year at the mark of the 10 year anniversary.  I bet each of you reading this blog can carefully articulate what you were doing the moment you heard the news.  I do.  Vividly.  I was teaching art to 5th grade at The Heritage School.  And I was getting very irritated that my student were checking out left and right, and that parents were interrupting my valuable teaching time.  I had this little "art hut" that was totally separated from the rest of reality and I had NO idea what was going on.   Literally...no clue until I ended class, went to the office and said, "what is going on? " and the news was more than grim.  And I stood still thinking, "my God, what have we done to deserve this tragedy?"

This was before I had Mailey, before I had the art studio, before the Vintage-Flea, before the notion that I could be an artist and thrive, before my life became so twisted and turned that I had no idea which way was up.  I like to think it was simpler before that day, but I have a sneaky feeling that I am blocking the memories of Junior League and church volunteering out of my brain for the time being.  And simply imagining my life with three hats on....Mother, Wife and teacher.  Because sometimes unfortunately I have to be reminded that those three hats are indeed the MOST important hats to wear...especially #1 and #2. 

So 9.11.  Mailey wasn't even born then.  She was in the belly.  Kicking and carrying on as she does still to this day.   Her troop was asked to take part in a very special Flag Folding Ceremony for a 9.11 rememberance here in Newnan.  It was interesting talking with the girls about this day.  Because none of them were born, but know that it has forever changed their lives.  Honestly though, they have no clue as to the real why and what it has changed about their little lives.  Because they don't know the before.  It's the now for them.
Watching her group fold the flag so attentively and with such purpose and pride I was proudly reminded that no matter how old or how young, the flag is a very precious symbol for our people.  And her taking the time to be a part of this ceremony on a miserably hot day in a rather lengthy ceremony (over 2 hours)....without ONCE complaining well, made me realize that although the world has changed......our hearts have not.  And that little precious heart I hope never has to experience another 9.11 in her lifetime.

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