Haint Blue and Front Doors

While in Savannah this summer on a fabulous carriage drawn GHOST tour, Mailey and I learned that many people in the USA paint their doors certain colors just to ward of the spirits, or a haint.  Savannah is the second most haunted city in the USA...the stories are goose bump worthy.  One can not help but believe the tales. So in the tour, our guide said that painting your door red will ward of the haints as well as blue.  I can't remember why red, but the blue is because ghosts can not enter water.  They even place fish sculptures in their down spouts to keep them from entering their homes this way!  Anyhoo, while on the tour Mailey was very thrilled that we already had a haint painted front door.  See below our little cottage:
So when we moved into our new house, which ironically is the exact same color as the old one, the brown door had to go.
Saturday I spent near about all day patching the trim where we removed the rickety storm door, sanding, priming, painting and scraping windows.  What was supposed to be just painting the door blue ended up being an all day repair and paint job.  I told my husband he was a lucky man that his wife was a "painter".  He just laughed.  I am thrilled with the way it looks on this house.  Now, to paint the backdoor upstairs and downstairs.  And since I heard wayyyyyyy too many freaky sounding noises last night (since I couldn't sleep from excitement over the studio being unpacked!), I think I need to get the doors painted fast!!
Oh, and in case you want to paint your door this lovely shade, it's called Sunken Pool.  I think the chip came from Home Depot.  Although I always buy my paint at Lowe's.  :)


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nacherluver said...

Lovely! And fun! (with a touch of spooky)


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