So, I am totally smitten with this new house.  Like freak out all I am thinking about smitten.  It's like a giant new baby.  I have to learn to love it's quirks, and embrace the challenges ahead. One.....step....at....a....time.  It took me 16 years to get the old house perfect.  Well, actually it was an evolving perfect.  Does that make sense?  For instance, I loved the terra cotta kitchen in the old house when I painted it.  And then wham!  I hated it and it had to be painted butter.  I know, it's only been a mere week and already I want it like my 16 year old house.  Full of layers, textures and cozy vignettes.  The boxes are making me nuts.  The tan walls even nuttier.  So, to alleviate the unwanted nuts (which in a mixed bowl are those ginormous things which I can only imagine a squirrel eating) I've hired a painter.  ekkkkk.....I did.  Money down thrown out the window is my old way of thinking.  I can paint myself.  Yep.  But seriously, no I can not.  Not right now.  And this artsy momma wants some color in her new house.  So, with all that being said the first walls were painted today.  Mailey's room is now 'inchworm".  Which translated means adorable green.  Her bath and my bath will be "birdsong blue" tomorrow and.......the drum roll please...........the dining room. 

Ah............the dining room.  The room I've dreamed of having because it can totally be over the top girlie fabulous.  No one really uses the dining room except at holidays.  It's a total wasted room in most houses.  So it can be fabulously decorated, because no one will be touching anything in it!!  The Amy Butler fabric above is my springboard for the room.  I will keep it a surprise until after it's painted.  But I'll give you a hint.....it's one of those fabulous colors.  But I bet you already guessed that. 


Anonymous said...

good luck with settling in... I confess I still have a few boxes unopened from when I moved in my house...15 years ago... and then we moved out for construction and I couldn't face any more unpacking when we moved back in.. Oh well , I haven't need anything in there, and one day I'll open them and be surprised.

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