Playing House

I can remember as a child playing countless hours of "house".  Hours.  In one house in particular Molly and I had an entire unfinished attic to set up house.  We had the best metal kitchen set...you know, the gold and brown set with refrigerator, stove and sink?  Table, chairs, high chairs, babies....we spent countless hours playing make believe house.  This weekend I have been in the total wonderment of playing 'house" again.   Unpacking boxes that have been stowed in the old house's attic for 16 years.  Um, yes.  I said 16.  I know the saying if you haven't used it in a year throw it out.  But this was important stuff peeps.  We've been hanging stuff up, making little quiet vignettes, and carefully putting our things away.  It's been a wonderful weekend of play. 

Today, I am playing in the studio.  Geesh it is a disaster zone.  It's such a big space that literally my studio is spread out in about 1000 sq. feet.  Yep.  I said that right.  My new studio, with the work room area and storage area is about as big as our old house.  Crazy guys.  And it rocks!!! 


nacherluver said...

Have fun!

Angie Traunig said...

omg, so jealous! But I know it will be overwhelming trying to figure out how to utilize all that space. Try to figure out the 'bones' and a good working triangle first! :) Have fun.

garden clippings said...

lucky, lucky you!!!

Jenni Horne said...

It's coming along great! I just wish the walls were finished...may be my first expense on the house.

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