Painting a Story and Little Birdies

I just wanted to show you a sneak peek at the classes I'm teaching this week!!  This class is Saturday and I think I've got a class full of eager painters!!  Many are blog followers....which makes me so tickled!  I finally get to meet you!  And hear your real voices, not the typed ones.  Woohoooo!!  So if you are coming Saturday, don't forget your paints, brushes, collage papers and special elements.  Oh, and an apron.  I've been known to splat a paint drop or two.  hehehe...

And yes, you get the frame and all in this class.  They shipped last Thursday. And are guaranteed Thursday delivery.  Yep, cutting it close.  I know.

On Friday a few sweet friends are joining me to make fabric bird friends.  I love making these babies so much and can't wait to share my process for pattern making.  We'll be making a hoopy cage and of course some with crazy long legs on a jello mold! 
If you are joining me this day, don't forget your needle, thread, felt, fabric scraps and fun embellishments!!  We are going to have such a fun day sewing together!!  Like an old fashioned sewing bee.

So.....I guess I'll be back next week!!  It's going to be an AMAZING week.  I am so, so, so looking forward to it.  Meeting new faces, seeing some old, and making art with those old and new friends.  See you there...or here next week!!!  I am sure I'll have some crazy stories to share.  My trips never go without hitches.  Later gaters!!

PS....If you want a sneaky peaky into the fun check my FACEBOOK page...I'll be instagraming the entire trip.  Luv me some instagrams!!


This Moment said...

You are up to some beautiful stuff! Those paintings are so sweet -- I'd love one myself!!! I've admired your fabric birdies since you first posted about them!


Christine said...

Oh, my!!! I am feeling like a kid in a candy store!!!! See you friday! I can hardly wait!

Dianne said...

Very cute! Have fun! Wish I could be there!

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