Hunting and Gathering

I am currently taking another online class.  Yep.  I recently told a friend I am in the "hunting and gathering" stage of my art career.  I can best describe it like this for you.  I have big ideas for my work.  But honestly have not the faintest idea as to how to get the dreams out into reality.  So I keep mushing along, dreaming.  But as someone told me, until you tell you dreams....they have no way to survive.  And that makes total sense.  So this new class is giving me the little kick in the pants to start the doing and not just the dreaming.  What is the class you ask?  Well, for the fiirst time in blog history for me I am going to keep my lips sealed.  I know, mean.  But, I will share this with you.  The course has nothing to do with painting, and yet it totally inspired me to get my paints out and start these two paintings:

 Which I am beyond smitten with.  The pics were taken with my IPAD, so they are a tinge fuzzy, and are totally in the beginning stages.  But I wanted you to see my current direction.  This past summer I took the online class with Mati and Lisa.  It was great because it pushed me to look and study the works of others.  I've been influenced by the works of Flora Bowley since.  And since I can not for the life of me figure out how she creates her paintings with the layers and depth and negative space use, I've come up with my own style....inspired by hers.  But ya know, that's what it's all about.  Taking something that inspires you and making it your own.  Not copying, not becoming Flora.  Rather, becoming Jenni.  And right this second....this painting is making me very, very happy.

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Rocky Cross Studio said...

This is exactly what I do daily!!! Always needing to learn more art techniques my latest was using Gorilla Glue!!! Love you work excited to see what us next!

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