Hometown Holiday and a Camera Trick....

Every year in downtown Newnan Santa makes a GRAND arrival on this vintage firetruck the Friday night after Thanksgiving.  Sweet right?

Yes, Newnan is the City of Homes.  A beautiful city with a square that is chocked full of yummy food, amazing antiques shops and adorable gift shops.  I love downtown Newnan.  And had Billy and I visited it while we did our original house shopping 16 years ago, I have a feeling our lives would be very different.  Very.  Like we'd probably be living in an over 100 year old home different. 
 It's charm never grows old on our family.  We absolutely love being here.  And secretly I miss having a little studio down here to come to everyday.  Look at this courthouse:
So here's the thing though.....it appears that Santa's arrival is a colossal deal for many in Newnan......colossal!!!  The line to sit in his wooden sleigh and give your Christmas list was wrapped around the above courthouse.  Which takes up an entire block.  Yikes is right.  So we made ourselves busy while waiting in such a line with our cameras.  By the way accompanying us on this excursion and the whole reason we were excited to see Santa was my sister Molly with her husband Mike and their 2 year old wild man Fielding.  Oh, and Nana, Billy, William, Mailey and Me.  We were all decked out and excited to see Santa.  I should also mention that I have 1 photo of my kids with Santa, and that was from last year.  You see, I had the two kids with fear beyond recognition of Santa.  Thus why we had NO IDEA that Santa's arrival on the square in Newnan was a colossal affair.  Yep.  So the story continues.....

I was determined to get photos at night of all the lights around the square.  We took turns waiting in line for Santa and watching Fielding run more miles around the courthouse than any little legs should be physically be able.  But here's the thing.  I have this fancy pants camera that I know how to take amazing pictures of my art and jewelry with.  But outside that bubble....well.....let's just say I take a bunch of these:
 Which led to this....urgh.....
 Which gave the kids and I an "A-HA" moment once we hit the Christmas Tree for some family photos:
I have NO idea how we did this technically speaking.  But basically I had the camera on too slow a shutter I think and then we wiggled the camera to get the squiggles.  After we figured it out....well William, Mailey and I were lost in camera heaven.  And forgot about Santa.  Oh, and Fielding was more interested in running around the block than seeing Santa.  So we gave up our place in line.....took a bunch of photos in front of the cool squiggly light tree and headed home.
I think it looks like neon on crack.  Technically speaking of course.  HA.HA.  So, have you learned any cool tricks on your camera you want to share?  I think the shake the camera on the wrong shutter speed is definitely note worthy. 
Yes, I pinky promise the above photo is of the Christmas Tree in front of the courthouse.  Yep.


Angie said...

Here's a cool link for you on how to do something else 'artsy' with this new found knowledge. It would make a cool school project! :)


Jenni Horne said...


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