To Be Thankful

Today as I set the table for the first time in our new dining room, I realized in abundance what I have to be thankful for this year.  It's hard to sit back and reflect when you are in the middle of it, but our lives are rich with so much joy these days.  Now, it's not perfect....nah....but somehow the bad is always overshadowed with the goodness our family consistently surrounds ourselves with. 

Today I placed dear Faye Horne's china and crystal on the table for the first time.  You see, there are many first's here at 120.  It's the first time yes to have Thanksgiving in this house.  But more than that...it's the first time we are hosting it period, with the china given to us as a lovely wedding gift from my mother-in-law.  It has literally been packed away since we married 16 years ago.  Now not only does it hang in an amazing pattern on the pink walls, it fills the gray cabinet.  Oh the dinner parties Mrs. Faye must have had.  There are 24 place settings and enough bowls and gravy boats for 3 Thanksgiving tables!  So I just beamed as I set the table with it today.  On top of the table Billy and I bought together at the Country Living Fair this year....which is covered with the most beautiful piece of orange lace I've ever seen.  Just perfect. 

You can only imagine the frenzy I've been in since deciding to host the family this year.  You know....the last minute details and all the things you want to complete?  Well, they are done.  The only thing missing from this lovely pink room is our family first.....and the curtains (which are being crafted and promised to be ready by Christmas) and a new chandelier.  This room definitely needs a crystal bauble hanging from the ceiling to catch the light coming in and make the walls sparkle!

The tiny pink dresser I found at the Country Living Fair as well.  I love it's dainty size and crystal knobs!  I need Tiffin to get a hold of the boring white lampshade. 
I love that finally I have a place for some of our favorite pieces given to us as remembrances of our ancestors.  The sugar and creamer was my Grandmother Adkins'.  The painting was done by an art friend.  Fits perfectly in this room.  The crystal candlesticks were a favorite item we sold at the Flea.  The tin shelf my Mother gave us as a Christmas present early in our marriage.  It too had been hiding in the attic.
Yes, hanging the plates was a challenge, but man I did it!  I was determined to have a unique pattern of the plates in the walls.  And yes, the chandelier HAS to be replaced with a crystal one...asap!

So today, we join the Horne family, the Lewis family and the Wiggins Family to celebrate a day of thanksgiving.  The noise will fill our home like a symphony the home has never heard.  I look forward to enjoying the day and creating a lasting memory of our first family gathering in a home we plan to grow old in.

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Artsy Matilda said...

So wonderful, Jenni. Happy first Thanksgiving to you and yours in your new home! And blessings beyond belief to you all.

JoyaJewelry said...

Jenni, Love Love Love it!!! How beautiful it turned out. The plates genius. Happy first Thanksgiving in your new house :) xo

Anonymous said...
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the cheese thief said...

That's so great. I love the look of your dining room. 16 years to have those plates packed away, it must have brought back memories unpacking them and wonderful feeling to use them.

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