Marist Holiday Traditions

Today is the annual Marist Holiday Traditions.  This is my 4th year to be year to be in the show, hard to believe.  For 3 years I've had the exact same spot in Kurht Gym.  Now spots in this show are small.  Like really small......so I've been eyeing the corner spots since year 1.  And by golly karma heard me, because not only is my space a corner, but it is on a front row, which means a wider aisle!  If you've not been to this show, then I'll explain it like this.  You are not allowed to bring children in strollers, women line up prior to the 9am opening time and come in droves until literally 4pm when it ends (wearing Christmas sweaters and everything).  It is awesome.  Love it.  Now sales, I am not a bazillion sales a year girl.  But I think this year I may do better.  It has taken just 3 years, but I think the trick to this show is limited product styles, but in mass.  So framed tiles, bag tags, magnets and my new bezel pendant I hope will make a statement that says, "BUY ME!!"
 If you can make it, please come by!!  It's $3 to get in the door, but I assure you there will be mucho to see and more to buy.  Good thing I am flying solo.  No time to shop.  hehehe.....  I hope to see you here!!


Dianne said...

Good luck! Love the pendants!

Isabel said...

Good Luck!! have fun:O)

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