A Special Team

 As promised, here is a snapshot of my last little exhibit for the fall art on the walls.  My amazingly creative little 2nd graders made these Monster Plants.  I got the idea from an Osbourne book and of course today I can not find the darn thing to share it with you.  But it was called something like Monster things to Make and Do.  I think.  Anyhoo....this project totally rocked.  Mixed media in the coolest of manner.  Sharpie, watercolor, paper, scissors and glue.  What 2nd grader doesn't love those materials?  And the subject matter, right up the 2nd grade boys alley.  Girls were on the fence about it.  And most gave them eyelashes just because. 
Of course I had to go over the top and add an entire wall of giant green prickly vines and yellow grass.  Made for a better effect, right?  Family Fun Night at our school is basically a trick-or-treat evening.  I love the idea because it's safe, warm and seriously fun to see how creative teachers can be!  Each team dresses up together in a theme and hands out candy to dressed up students.  Of course I've no photos of everyone else but we had Angry Birds, Legos, Smurfs, Flinstones, 3 Blind Mice, Indians, 3 Amigos and US:
The "special team" was decked from head to toe as the Mommy Monster plants (note to self take full length photos next time.  We used all my vintage tutus on our bottom halves!! And had hand thingies on.)  Behind us were all our widdle baby plants.  Now yes, we scared many once we opened our mouths.  It was like we were cute, pretty maybe, then WHAM....evil man-eating teeth.  We had tons of kids and teachers not even know who we were!!  It was great fun.  And bonded us a little....I like my special girls.  Coach Robin is in the middle, the rebel in blue (She is the tiniest little fireball I know.  I love her spirit and her ability to teach children how to embrace living an active lifestyle.  At our old school they learned to play dodge ball.....alot).  Mrs. Culbreth is our  music teacher on the left (She totally has given my children the joy of music.  Which makes my heart very warm.)  And then there I am on the right.  (The super cool art teacher of course!!)  We embrace all the children in the school....reaching many that can't seem to navigate their way through the regular academics.  Enduring LONG periods without potty breaks.  And trying very hard to share our love and passion for physical education, music and art with 450 children.  You gotta love what you do to teach a whole school.  You really, really do. 

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Jen said...

Love seeing your work at school! I teach Art at two elementary schools... so I know EXACTLY what you mean and I love my specials peeps too! ;)

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