Monroeville, Alabama and Back

Saturday was the day I shared with you that I was going to be meeting the other Jennifer Horne at this adorable Coffee/Booknook:

Just lookey at the inside of this space.  Christy, it truly is a magical place!  At 10am when Molly and I arrived to sent up my wares there was a line of like 10 people waiting for yummy coffee and pastries.  In the back nook a sweet family was reading  together as well as enjoying coffee.  All day long people came and went...always smiling.  A gentleman started playing the grand piano set up in another nook.  Such a comforting thing, knowing that somewhere in America there is a slower way of life.  Although my sister probably doesn't realize this, she is pretty lucky to not have a Target or a Chick-fil-a nearby.
So here she is, the other Jennifer Horne.  Turns out Horne is her maiden name, it's my married name.  She lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where she does indeed teach at the University.  She taught a short poetry writing workshop that I wanted to participate....but my sweet Grandmother, Sissy made her way into the shop about then and we ended up visiting the entire time.  But Jennifer understood...Grandmother time is priceless no doubt.

Here's Jennifer engaging her students during the workshop.  That cute gal with pixie cut hair is the Beehive owner, Christy Nettles.  Man I could bottle her up.  She's a gem.  Everyone really enjoyed the workshop and from the sounds of it, wrote some inspiring words as well!
I taught an ornament class based on the Legend of the Robin's Red-breast.  It's a beautiful story by the way....you should look it up. Below is one of my 10 students:
Of course, as much talking about Monroeville as I've done now, I thought I should share some of my favorite photos from around the square:
This was the original courthouse, now museum.  Every year the community puts on a theatrical version of To Kill A Mockingbird in the lawn area. From what I understand people come from all over to see it!  The Red and White has the best fresh meat department ever....it was my first place to ever find Conecuh sausage.  And that's some seriously good eating.
Overall, I am very glad I made the trip down.  We had a lovely time with all our students in the workshops.  And I sold a nice amount of goodies to customers!  So, if you ever find you way to Monroeville, be sure to stop in and share a cup of coffee with Christy....and enjoy a slower way of living just for a spell anyways.


Debbie said...

What a wonderful outing, looks like you found a modern day treasure.
I love small towns and all the peace they have to offer.
I'm going to look up that little bird story right now!!!
Thanks for sharing.

DeAnna said...

I like what you said in paragraph right underneath the first picture, about the "slow life." I also share your appreciation for the more peaceful easy-going way of life that places like LA don't understand haha

Felicia said...

This just adds another destination to my wish list of "places to visit" - it sounds wonderful and I would love to have coffee there! So glad you enjoyed the trip :)

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