Day as an Art Teacher

So I thought I'd share a timeline of a typical art day here at the wonderful Arbor Springs.  I just have to giggle at some of the lessons we are tackling right now!  I am totally out of every warm color paint and oil pastels so I had to pull out the glue and scissors until the good stuff arrives at the door.  The kids rocked the day though!
7:30 am-  Mailey and I head to school in the orange van...after eating our egg and cheese yummies.  And giving Lily her chewy treat.
7:50-8:45am-  I run around the school like a chicken with my head cut off getting organized for the day drinking water (important to know this....especially when you see my schedule)
8:45-9:35am-  4th grade/ started Chicken Little paper collages:  Yes, based on the silly story of the goofy chicken that thought the sky was falling!  This is Mailey's grade so I know like all the kids well.  They love me...and I love them. And they know it!  Their collages were adorable and none wanted to stop when time to clean the room that looked much like a paper bomb had gone off in it.
9:35-10:25-  5th grade/ started musical instrument line drawings...and well....5th grade is my fingernails on the chalk board class everyday.  I don't know what planet they are on, but geeeeesh Louise they make me nuts.  They aren't bad really, just SO FREAKIN' loud.  With everything they do.  Like even their pencil markings are louder.  And yes, I could make it silent art.  But really?  Silent art? Nah..
10:25-11:10-  2nd grade/  started paper collage Aliens.....project based on a hilarious book by Claire Feedman and Ben Cort called Aliens Love Underpants.    This is the class my stomach starts the rumble jumble.  So I am eating carrots and pickles (this week anyways) the entire class.  Seriously.  Love the second graders because they are not old enough to worry about perfection, and still have these WILD imaginations.  The book made them all giggle and inspired some serious alien action figures!  I can't wait to see day 2 on this project when we add the underpants to our aliens!
11:10-11:50-  3rd grade/  we finished our mixed media warm/cool peacocks as pictured above.  These turned out so beautiful.  Especially after I found the boxes of METALLIC oil pastels hiding in a cabinet.  Holy tamoly.  Lovely!!  3rd grade is a chanellging group, I'll admit.  Maybe it's the kids, maybe the age.  Maybe it's me....don't know.  But I do know there are some crazy talented kids in this group!
11:50-1:00-  planning and lunch.....and lunch it is.  I am ravenous by this time, and about to pop to go to the potty(you did see my schedule right????backtobacktoback??).  I usually eat at my desk, with the light out, cruising the Internet for this, that and another.  Today was Zaxby's pick up day so I treated myself to a Zalad.  Man....I love a good salad.  And then I worked on some painting ideas for a fundraiser for the school which is going to rock!!
1:00-1:45-  1st grade-  these kids have INSANE energy.  It's the end of their day and they are like little jack-in-the-boxes.  All smiles and all talkative and all want to know right this second what we are doing and how and all full of themselves BAM! energy!  Got to love that.  We started making our rain sticks today which once finished will wander over to the music room and be played with as an instrument.  Yep....crossing the lines peeps. 
1:45-2:15-  I wrap up the week, clean out caddies, listen to my male custodian talk my ear off about everything and anything and finally wrap up the week.  I turn the page in the planner and kiss the day goodbye.  With a GINORMOUS smile on my face.  Because man oh man if I don't have the coolest job in the world!

So other things that happened during the day: 5th grade kid totally missed his chair and totally fell out on the floor.  I swear I thought he'd broken his bum.  A 2nd grader bent down right as I was opening my drying rack and I knocked her head....thank goodness I didn't knock her out!  I got about 10 high fives and more hugs than I can count.  Got to see Mailey way more than normal Mommies that work all day do.  Enjoyed a bake sale turtle cookie and did my give away drawing.....

YES!!!!!!!the PARTAY is over guys.  And TIFFANY won.  She was super excited.  Please keep reading and commenting.  I love hearing from each of you on the journey.

Have a lovely weekend!!  Up next is another house tour post!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

I hear you! 5th graders were my most difficult class when I taught elementary art as well! Happy weekend to you!

Isabel said...

Whew!! Im tired just reading:O) They are lucky to have an awesome art teacher:O) I still remember mine in 5th grade have a great weekend:O)

linwood avenue said...

just reading that made me tired! good thing you have endless energy!

Jenni Horne said...

So as an update to this post after work we went to the grocery, went home and cleaned house, made dinner and then at 7pm I laid on the couch and fell asleep. Yep. So I do have batteries that expire!

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